04 September 2009

Skyline Chili Painted

I notice that Skyline, Clifton was re-painted last week. The new paint job made some original decorative work more visible. The building had a name in the stone, which was visible for one day or so before it was covered with a plastic sign:


The Skyline script over the original lettering:

Bulova neon clock:


Matt said...

Yeah, I saw the change too the other day, but without the plastic Skyline sign - thought for a split second that they had moved!

catherine said...

Do you remember the name that is under the plastic sign? I can't remember it.

matt said...

It was "Stier's". When they originally took the awning off a few weeks ago I thought I need to run down and take a picture before they put new awnings back on. But then they painted the whole thing, including I think the "Stier's" logo, which is really cool, but I guess it makes sense that they put the sign over it. I'm just glad they didn't just paint it over the original logo, or scratch it off or something.

CityKin said...

I wonder who or what Stier's was?