14 September 2009

Graffiti at the Eden Park Springhouse

Have you ever noticed this little gazebo at Eden Park?:

It is right on the road, and cars just zip right past. The building is actually very cool, an architectural gem which apparently has a long history. This is called the Spring House or Water House, and I suppose it was a location of an original spring used to supply water to the city. It is located adjacent to the main waterworks reservoir, which is underneath the ice-skating pond.

There originally was a thatched hut at this location:

These three old images are found at Greetings from Cincinnati, which has an excellent collection of old postcards. Visit them for many more images:

Spring House with old car:

The soft sandstone which forms the perimeter of the building's walls is etched with all kinds of old graffiti, and that is what prompted this post. The photos are not that great, because I was using a camera phone and it was getting to be dusk, but it is fun to look at these old scratchings with the kids.

Bullock 1919 to SOS W.H.S. 1939 (is this SOS Walnut Hills School?):

July 1934 and 1927:

April 28, 1912, J.P.C.:

June 30, 1928, C.S.:

W.J.Mc. 4-27-12:

E.W.O. 1926:


G.H. 1925:


VisuaLingual said...

Incredible. I've never gotten up close to this structure.

Matt said...

Had a few wedding pics taken there, but never really noticed how old some of those carvings are - very cool! Thanks for sharing.

tizzie said...

I'm considerably less charmed by the tons of new tags accumulating on the stone piers of the Suspension Bridge.

Quimbob said...

There are some interesting old carvings on trees in Mt Airy forest.