16 September 2009

Everybody's Records CDs and Tapes


Inside they have these MP3 players that work off the UPC code of the CD in your hand, which I've never seen before, but are probably everywhere:

I feel at home in a record store. But with Pandora and iTunes etc, I'm not really buying anymore, just looking.

[where: 6106 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45213]


Dave Rolfes said...

I'm with you. I LOVE Everybody's and it was literally one of the only places I bought music the majority of my life.

I however have gone digital in the last few years. I am a fan of eMusic and the Amazon deal of the day which gives me a lot more bang for my buck.

Best of luck to the folks over there. They are good people and I hope that they find a way to make it in a dramatically changing environment.

Thanks for posting!

CityKin said...

They seem to be surviving.