28 January 2009

Snow Play

Last year I posted some great kids playing in the snow photos. So far this year I haven't taken many because I've been at work a lot while they play. Here are a couple from yesterday. The snow is so beautiful in the city, and I love how quiet everything is when it is falling hard. It is always surprising how nearly all the streets of OTR are untreated. Vine Street is a snow emergency street and it is kept pretty clean, but beyond that, expect good sledding conditions ...in the middle of the street!


Unknown said...

Oh, it's not only OTR. We've yet to see a salt truck or snow plow in our neck of the gaslight area. Makes it that much lovelier (and quieter) for a while. Hope your kiddies are enjoying. My youngest went sledding last night at Mt. Storm. Crowded...never too snowy to drive up that hill:>)

CityKin said...

We'll probably be at Mt Storm this weekend.