21 January 2009

Thank You CPS Teachers

We are so fortunate to have such great teachers at Fairview. When I see an experienced teacher, with a masters degree and 25+ years of teaching behind her, still come every morning into a room packed with eight-year old kids, and keep order, and keep a positive learning environment, I am amazed. I could never do that job. When we talk with the teachers, they know all about our child's strengths and weaknesses, and they have learning plans specifically fitted to their needs. And trust me our kids have many needs.

The competence of these teachers is far above those I had in parochial schools. I would say the second grade curriculum is comparable to what I learned in fourth+ grade.

And they are doing it with up to 28 kids in each classroom. And they are doing it with personal attention and care to each pupil. And believe it or not, on top of all they do every day, we had several of them send us cards and even make us a meal when a family member was recently hospitalized. It will be impossible to thank them enough for all they do.


Anonymous said...

I went to CPS for every grade with the exception of Kindergarten. That would mean dozens of teachers, and I can really only claim one was a truly bad apple. I also received my education in gorgeous buildings and with incredibly diverse student bodies.

My desks may have been old, scratched and falling apart, but the teachers standing at the front of the classroom were extraordinary in their commitment to our education.

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

I will be sending this post to my cousin who is a CPS school teacher. i bet she will love it!