14 January 2009

Lego Goes Urban - It's Skyline Time !

(Click any Pic for a larger view)
A custom product of Milton Train Works, this kit is a limited production run made under special license for our hometown signature dish, Skyline Chili.

The interior detail is what makes the model. And the removable roof and split construction makes it accessible enough to play with. The signature black and white checkerboard floor runs throughout. Even details like the rooftop ductwork for the kitchen hood system were included. Grubby mechanical systems like these are typically overlooked in the interest of aesthetics.

Booths, a dining bar with fixed stools, and a long steam table bring back memories of early morning munchies after a long night of merriment.

Smokin' hot waitress, large greek cook, and the beginnings of a hangover not included.


Radarman said...

This may be the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what the history of the skyline aesthetic is? how old are some of their graphics/logo? hm hm

CityKin said...

I looked around on his site a bit, and he makes some cool train models too. The Skyline is listed as $199. Fun stuff.

Morris said...

That is amazingly cool.

Matt said...

Oh my god - thank you so much for finding this.

Lar said...

Hey, thanks for the link! This kit is out of production but I'm thinking of doing another run. I got hooked on Skyline during a visit (I'm from MI but was in Cincy for project work) and just couldn't resist doing a model.

The Skyline logo and trade dress are used under license, Skyline were kind enough to license me. **Really** nice people there, they could have just said "never mind, we're not going to work with a hobbyist like you" (Hello Steak and Shake... yes I am talking about you!) but they bent over backwards to work with me.

I still make time for Skyline Time whenever I'm in the area, trust me!

BTW I have a blog as well, this link will get you the LEGO related postings.

My personal copy of this set usually appears at train shows that MichLUG does.