05 January 2009

Skating and Gaza Protest

A few photos from skating Sunday at Fountain Square.

Kids taking a break from skating by sitting on the ice sculpture:

A large group assembled while we were there and held a protest against the Israel bombing of Gaza:

My son read this sign, and was offered warm food by these peacniks. Being in a very contrarian mood, he said that he wanted bombs, not bread. We had to have a long talk after that.


5chw4r7z said...

No one ever protests the missiling of Israel.

Quimbob said...

If the protesters had ties to Hamas, they probably had bombs to spare.
I frequently think the solution to the whole Jerusalem thing is to nuke and irradiate the whole area - kind of like the old parental solution with squabbling kids where, "If you can't share the toy, nobody gets to play with it".

Anonymous said...

No one has protested the missiling of Israel because Israel is the one stealing the land from Palestine and its people. Plus all one has to do is see the casualty rate; not too many Israeli's are dying since the battle started, but over 50 Palestinian children have died. I'm not even including the adults. Israel has way more firepower than Palestine ever will. It's like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

As for nuking the whole place, get some intelligence. It is those kinds of comments that have brought about the hatred other countries have for us.

Anonymous said...

Who will show up for the June 8th USS Liberty event?

Go ahead and call me and those who demand accountability for Israels attack, which killed 34 enlisted men and almost sank the country's most advanced intelligence ship, on the United States a ______. I dare you.

Defend those who defend this nation and the rights of others or get out.

Mark Miller said...

We had a saying when I was in sales. "If the number of pages in the file exceeds the number of dollars in the job, you lost money."

For the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I'd have to say when the number of protesters exceeds the number of victims on both sides, then the war's more about PR than land.

It's like a playground game. The real bully provokes some naive kid into hitting him so he can cry to the teacher about being bullied. He fools outside forces into doing the dirty work he doesn't have the skill or guts to do himself.

Hamas surrounding hospitals, mosques, and day care centers with weapons is the same thing. They intentionally arrange their chess pieces so Israel can't sneeze without causing civilian casualties. Then they lob a few rockets over the fence to stir it up. After the inevitable response, they trot out their dead with smug outrage.

Land rarely enters the discussion and borders haven't changed appreciably in decades.

As an interested onlooker, I'm sickened by all the death, but frustrated that kicker and kickee seem content to continue the game. Somebody please win the fight, or at least shut up and quit bothering us with all this endless dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

Mike - were these folks from local organizations or did they caravan into the city from parts unknown?

CityKin said...

I think they were local people, mostly of Palestinian heritage and some local peace activists hanger-ons.

I didn't really want to debate who is right in the Middle East, I just wanted to show that FS is still used as a "public square" for free speech.

Anonymous said...

Mike - appreciate your focus on FS. a debate can be extremely divisive on a blog like this one