26 January 2009

14th Street New Building

I've been watching this building go up. This photo is of the north side, along 14th. The first level structure was concrete and is being faced in a sandstone type material, and is detailed pretty good to match the neighborhood. There also appear to be quite a few outdoor balconies which are critical when building down here. I'm still not so sure about the circular roof at the corner, but I'm keeping an open mind about it:
Building Cincinnati says that these condos are now available.


Randy Simes said...

For new construction I think they did a really good job at blending the building in with the surroundings while not trying to mimic the past which almost always ends in failure. The scale is good, the materials, and the uses.

Paul Wilham said...

Its always hard to do new construction next to historic. I am tring to keep an open mind about the corner 'turret' as well but it looks a little too "lifestyle mall'" architecturally for my taste. New infill buildings do should not necessarily scream "look at me, I'm a new building". Still better than most.

Morris said...

It's a huge improvement over the cinder block building that was there before it.

Anonymous said...

"'turret' as well but it looks a little too "lifestyle mall'""

The turret design can be found throughout both OTR and the West End, one at Vine and Liberty and the other at the Turret Building next to City West.

I think it was a wonderful idea of Model's to incorporate and architectural feature into this building instead of simply making a box. 14th and Vine will be the new anchor for the continued push up Vine and when it is all said and done, will be a great asset to both the Q and OTR as a whole.

Michael Redmond

CityKin said...

I agree with a turret or some kind of emphasis on the corner. In fact I am so glad they are not afraid to try something like this. However, it can end up hurting the building if the details are clumsy.

Anonymous said...

If it is clumsy but this is true for any building and no indication of clumsiness to date by Model. Lets wait and see, I think everyone will be proud of this addition.

Michael Redmond