27 January 2008

No Sledding this Year

Not enough snow for sledding this year, at least so far. So in an attempt to show more kids having fun in the city, here are few photos from the past two winters:

Washington Park:

Looking at snowman we made at Mt. Storm:

Two girls on sleds in Fairview Park:

My son climbing hill with sled:

Kids at bottom of Mt. Storm hill last winter. University of Cincinnati is in the distance:

Bonus pic of ice on trees last year:


Beach said...

Those pictures look like you had more fun than we had in my old suburban yard.

We look forward to taking our son sledding and have already brought him out on fountain square for skating.

Maybe there'll be more snow next year.

Anonymous said...

Mike I have more than 2 feet of snow on the ground up here. You are more than welcome to haul it away in a semi-trailer.

CityKin said...

Mt Storm is great fun. The hills are long and tons of kids show up after a good snow. All the kids make for a fun time.

Who knows we may get lots of snow in February. But, I doubt it, as it usually melts by mid February anyway.

CityKin said...

but do you have any hills there?

Anonymous said...

This part of the state has a number of ski resorts. Some of the larger ones:

Shanty Creek/Schuss Mountain

Boyne Mountain & Highlands

Treetops Sylvan Resort

Crystal Mountain

Randy Simes said...

Great pictures...who really wants those "mild" winters of the South anyways? I love snow!