14 April 2008

Terry's Turf Club

Being a native westsider and dedicated downtowner, Beechmont levy levee is just about as far east as I get on an average week. And since it is spring soccer season and the Otto Armleder Soccer fields are over there, we have been over there often lately. We found a good place to stop after the games.

Terry Carter, the collector of neon and former owner of Neon's in OTR, opened this bar/restaurant 14 months ago, but all we knew before we went was that Shadeau Bread sells hundreds of kaiser rolls to this place every week. Turns out they use so many buns, because this is the kind of eatery in which everything is served on a bun, including shrimp and there is nary a fork in the building.

Despite being firstly a bar, there were several families 7:30pm on a Friday, then again on Sunday afternoon. Hamburgers and grilled fish (on a bun) are each $6, and fries are $3. The burgers are tops.



Factory across street:

Otherway up street:

Burger Beer sign:

Barber shop sign:


Reflections in glass looking out:

Crowded with 40 customers, furnace sitting in the room, friendly, loud din, not handicapped accessible, not vegetarian friendly, free peanuts, not downtown, eastside, but westsiders ok, scribbled handwitten tab, good beer, canned sodas, all prices are even dollar, no coinage below quarters used, paper plates, $30 plus tip for 4 people.

[where: 4618 Eastern Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45226]


Anonymous said...

Levee. Beechmont [b]Levee[/b].

Anonymous said...

Another great place near the Armleder soccer fields is the Salt of the Earth Cafe at 4760 Red Bank (in a strange little strip of offices across from a self-storage place). Very veggie friendly; one of the chefs is the owner of the former Mullane's downtown. We've eaten there after soccer games many Saturdays (closed Sundays). We even got carryout on the way to Children's when my daughter strained her ACL! We knew we wouldn't see anyone for 3-4 hours anyway and we were hungry.

CityKin said...

Thanks for the tip. Red Bank is heading away from our return home, but I think we'll try it this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Our neighborhood police officer eats there almost every day, so you know it's got to be good!

I remembered the chef's name-- Audrey.

CityKin said...

They get Shadeau Bread too. Maybe that is how to tell a good restaurant!

Anonymous said...

As a former employee of Terry's, I worked for him for 7 years at Neon's Tavern on 12th, I can attest to his dedication to detail. Terry has always had an eye for the next big thing and doesn't miss a beat when putting it together. As one of the originals in Over the Rhine, his dedication to making the neighborhood more than it was attracted more businesses to OTR than any other group trying to promote it. He always uses the most authentic recipes and ingredients when preparing your favorite libation, from fresh, hand squeezed fruit juices (I should know, having spent hours over a hand press squeezing them) to homemade Simple Syrup in order to make a drink taste better than any drink you have ever had. I have been to Terry's Turf Club and had a foie gras burger, yes i did say foie gras! It was absolutely amazing and it is this type of cutting edge thinking that keeps Terry on the other side of the cutting edge. Keep an eye on Terry's Turf Club and this neighborhood and expect good things!