12 April 2008

Germans Were Here

According to this website, the building below with the arched doorway was a police station, then a bath house, then owned by the Kolping Society:


This says: "Gott Segne das Ehrbare Handwerk" which means something like "God Bless the Honorable Craft".

I'm guessing that this motto was not there in 1870, when it was a police station but was added in 1926 when the Kolpings bought it?

[Where: 1523 Reublic Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]


Matt said...

Beautiful... thanks for showcasing. Know what's going on there now?

CityKin said...

Hart Realty had subsidized apartments in there from the 70s to the 90s and now it is vacant and controlled by 3CDC I believe.

Dan said...

That is one building on the new OTR West tour this Summer given by Architreks. And yes the Kolpings added the inscription.

CityKin said...

Thanks Dan. I probably need to take that tour sometime.