30 April 2008

Commitment In A City

On the streets we two pass.
I do not know you.
I did not see
if you are -

If we should pass again
within the hour,
I would not know it.
Yet -
I am committed to
love you.

You are part of my city,
my universe, my being.
If you were not here
to pass me by,
a piece would be missing
from my jigsaw-puzzle day.

-Mararet Tsuda

From a children's book: This Place I Know, Poems of Comfort


Unknown said...

I like this and it's so true--the people we pass by everyday and don't pay attention to but notice their space when they are gone.
had to look twice at The Corinthian. I always enjoy the photos you have of downtown--they look a little foreign and exotic to me--haven't worked there for quite a while, but pass the Corinthian every day. Nice shots of the streets and the trees. AnnieH

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