05 April 2008

Baby Loves Disco

This sounds pretty lame. I keep getting emails about wherein people pay $12 to dance with their babies at a club.

Baby Loves Disco is a family event, there is no structure, just plenty of environment, atmosphere and healthy snacks. There is music spun by the DJ with bubbles floating over the the dance floor- to get the mamas, papas and little ones moving. There are egg shakers, play scarves and a chill-out space with pillows, stuffed animals, books and toys/puzzles.. There are balloons (by Skip*Hop) to enjoy and take home as well as the snacks for both kids and adults, plus the bar is open for non-driving adults.

Each event and location are a bit different from each other but there are surprises to be found in each city: from goody bags and give-aways to mommy massages and daddy game rooms...

I'll try the mommy massage.

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