25 April 2008

Fountain Square Lunch Hour

A couple photos of lunch time on Fountain Square a few days ago (earth day?).

Sitting on Steps. Would more seating be better, or is improvising OK?

Laughing and smoking:

Didn't get any photos of the Green Fashion Show. Dan, at Park + Vine is really getting the word out about his products though.


Anonymous said...

I like the improv. seating, but it seems like there needs to be more spaces that are better designed to accommodate it. There are only a few places that are around the right height. People look kinda silly on those low steps.

VisuaLingual said...

More shade would really help, maybe more so than more seating. It's kind of nice to have structures that can accommodate different uses at different times, but the sun seems a bit ruthless on the Square.

Randy Simes said...

The seating capacity will greatly increase now that the Flower Carpet has been removed. Sorry for the pitiful plug. :)