13 April 2008

Fire Melted the Zbrick

There was a fire on this corner last week, so we walked by today, and the buildings are already gone. There are now 3 vacant lots here. The one closest to the remaining building, was 127 Green Street. It was owned by Marvin Smith (Owning the Realty Inc.) and it was demolished maybe 10 years ago. The two remaining buildings were in bad shape and were vacant and supposedly being remodeled when they caught fire. The one on the corner was a one-story store, and the other was a typical OTR 3 story brick residence.

This building, 125 Green, is an old wood-framed building, that is covered with an asphalt-shingle product, called Z-Brick. Although the fire was 20 feet away, it melted the z-brick:

Here is the auditor's photo from last year:

[Where: 1624 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]

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