13 July 2009

Thanks Mainstream Media... for this.

OK, so if I'm going to complain, I better step up and applaud. The Enquirer just ran a piece called Streetcar film comes full circle on an upcoming showing of a 1996 documentary on Streetcars that is critical of GM's role in their demise. Enquirer reporter Lauren Bishop interviewed Jim Klein, a Wright State University professor and documentary filmmaker who helped produce the film.

In the answer to the first question he said:
What I discovered in making the film is the type of transit you have impacts the type of city you have. A city that has more opportunity for its citizens to travel around with each other and for neighborhoods to be places where business takes place rather than the car-oriented, mall-oriented type of society, I think is a lot healthier and has a lot more long-term potential.
Go to the Enquirer story for more details, it is worth the read. You can see the movie at the Carnegie Visual and Performing Arts Center this Tuesday and Wednesday at 7:00 pm.

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CityKin said...

I'm glad you quoted that part of his response. I really don't want to debate who killed the old streetcar lines, but I do want to talk about what kind of city we want to build. Strong neighborhoods are built by pedestrians, and streetcars are best at supporting pedestrians.