05 July 2009

O'dell Owens on OTR Crime

I missed this nugget the other day from our Coroner:
Hamilton County Coroner O'dell Owens isn't buying a survey that named Over-the-Rhine the “most dangerous neighborhood” in America.

Dr. Owens said in a press conference on Wednesday that Cincinnati is a good city that suffers from “poor self esteem.”
"At our worst we had 89 homicides. Philly had 440, Detroit has one a day, Indianapolis had eight in one day. Toledo had multiples in one day. We've never had eight homicides in one day in Cincinnati," said Owens.

Owens said there is a problem with crime but people shouldn't let fear keep them out of the area.
Channel 9 follow up story yesterday.


dpjbro said...

That report is what passes for investigative reporting today.

Not to mention that it makes property values there more attractive to speculators who safely live elsewhere.

Randy Simes said...

Great catch. I would have missed that one if it wasn't for you.

5chw4r7z said...

No, I think these reports go around to keep the property values in the burbs propped up.
But whatever you favorite conspiracy theory is these reports won't change anything, the people who love OTR will continue too, and the people who will never set foot within city limits will use it as ammo to support their views.
There is a group of people whether we like it or not who if the news said $100 bills flew out of Vine St twice a day, would still never come down.