24 July 2009

LID to Help Pay for Streetcar in PDX

I know this has been tossed around in Cincy as a way to help pay for streetcar construction. What interested me was that there are over 1,000 owners in this small area, and that only a dozen have objected:

... homeowners in Portland's Pearl District will be taxed for a new streetcar extension.

The extension is tiny -jutting just two blocks north of Lovejoy Street- but planners say it's pivotal in accommodating future growth of the streetcar system across the river, eventually to the Hollywood District.
The taxing district is called a Limited Improvement District.

...Of more than a thousand condo owners impacted, most will pay less than $300 apiece.

...willing to pay the assessment because they're looking forward to transit improvements and anticipating a boost in their property values. ...


WestEnder said...

This lego item is not related to this post but it is pertinent to the blog in general. You'll approve, I'm sure.

CityKin said...

Our friends at Visualingual posted some of this stuff.