08 July 2009

Old Aquaintance

"Hey Mike!"
"Mike! Mike... wait up.."
"Can you help a brother out?"

He looks like his face has been punched in. He's real thin, face crooked.

"You don't remember me do you?"

"No, I do. You're.. "

"Its Tee, man. We used to do all that stuff with buddy. Remember?"

He had been a very handsome young man. A charmer, and smart.
"Sure, yeah. How you doing?"

"We'll you know. I need help man, I'm kinda off the path."

"I don't have much on me. I don't want to help you drink."

"Well, you know how it is."

I reach in my pocket and pull out a bill.
"That's all I got on me, sorry."

"Pray for me, man, pray for me."


N_O_R_T_O_N said...

buddy gray?!

CityKin said...


This encounter really bothered me. Some guys are born with a lot of talent, maybe young guy good looks, and smarts. They seem like they are above these guys on the street. They are too smart for AA, or so they think. But alchoholism cannot be outsmarted, and over the years it breaks them and they get so humbled. It is so sad.