16 July 2009

Rubber Playgrounds

...Kids at McDonald's playgrounds follow the restricted options offered by a post and platform ensemble: wait, go up, go across, go down, start all over again. The interactions amont young users is limited; there is nothing to do together. Only very small children, those around age three, find the repetition comforting.

Todays playgrounds irritate many of the more thoughtful people who care about how children learn. Several educators have argued that this totally safe environment "lacks most of the important elements necessary for meaningful play. These include variety, complexity, challenge, risk, flexibility and adaptability." ...children need oppportunities to take acceptable risks in an environment that encouragtees them to push against the boundaries of their current abilities, to stretch their skills and confidence. ..
-American Playgrounds, by Susan G. Soloman, 2005

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5chw4r7z said...

Back in my day, they put down a concrete slab and a jungle gym 37' high.
Sure one or two broken arms a summer, but I think we learned responsibility that way.
Probably a bunch of other stuff too, sharing, co-operation.