01 July 2009

Arrogant FOP

"..I'm not listening to a lot of what Greg Harris is saying right now.." - Cathy Harrell, president of the Cincinnati FOP on WVXU Tuesday.

Greg Harris has a forward thinking proposal to combine the Hamilton County Sheriff and the Cincinnati Police Departments. This is the kind of big thinking that is needed in Cincinnati. But as Greg Harris says in the article, "you would think the sky is falling by the response".


Randy Simes said...

The response is reflective of political power. It makes complete fiscal and operational sense to consolidate police and fire into one county-wide agency. Keep the vehicles painted differently for each of their particular locales, but centralize the command and organization.

UCstudent said...

We need to combine more than just city and county police, we need metro government!

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

I think that there is too much bad blood between the two organization for them to fully cooperate with one another, but we will wait and see.