23 July 2009

Conservatives Hate Shel Silverstein

At least some hate the book The Giving Tree. Maybe they really like Where the Sidewalk Ends, or the song Boy Named Sue. The responses by readers are very good. Amazing how powerful such a simple book can be. I think it is an adult book in disguise as a kid's book.

Shel Silverstein's website here.


Jenny K said...

Shel Silverstein was the greatest. I read "where the sidewalk ends"and "A Light in the Attic" until they literally fell apart.

Then again, I'm not exactly a conservative... ;)

Quimbob said...

My introduction to Silverstein was the album, Freaker's Ball which had the Stout chick poem on it. Otherwise, fairly adult fare. Blew me away when I saw his name in a stack of children's books at my sisters house.

Archer01 said...

I consider myself fairly conversative and Shel Silverstein is on of my favorite children's book writers. "The Giving Tree" is one of the best books I have ever read (childrens book or not). I put him up there with Dr.Seuss & Maurice Sendak, whom I also love. All of them have great messages in there stories and their illustrations are the best.