23 May 2009

Today on Fountain Square

General View 

Privatizing Public Space:

Groom and Groomsmen

water wall

Heads in water wall 

Flag Guns





WestEnder said...

Cool flag guns. I'm gonna get me one and name him Jesus.

Paul Wallpe said...

What do supercilious yutzes, ghastly champions of deceit, lies, theft, plunder, and rapine, and the management of Fountain Square, 3CDC, have in common? If you answered, "They all turn me, a typically mild-mannered person, into an execrable vat of defeatism," then pat yourself on the back. I will start this discussion by arguing that when all discoverable facts and experience fly in the face of 3CDC's obnoxious world view, 3CDC stubbornly holds onto ignorance as its birthright. Then, I will present evidence that 3CDC knows how to lie. It's too bad it doesn't yet understand the ramifications of lying.

3CDC likes turning insurrectionists loose against us good citizens. That's the most damnable thing about it. It's also why I have never been in favor of being gratuitously annoying. I have also never been in favor of sticking my head in the sand or of refusing to weed out organizations like 3CDC that have deceived, betrayed, and exploited us.

I've tried explaining to 3CDC's representatives that it can plausibly be surmised that they would rather talk about making changes than actually make them. Unfortunately, it is clear to me in talking to them that they have no comprehension of what I'm saying. I might as well be talking to creatures from Mars. In fact, I'd bet Martians would be more likely to discern that I wouldn't want to empty garbage pails full of the vilest slanders and defamations on the clean garments of honorable people. I would, on the other hand, love to provide a positive, confident, and assertive vision of humanity's future and our role in it. But, hey, I'm already doing that with this post. Our attempts to provide an atmosphere of mutual respect, free from antagonism, narcissism, and all other forms of prejudice and intolerance have so far served only as a divertissement for 3CDC and its accomplices in Cincinnati city government. May we never forget this if we are to deny 3CDC and its hirelings a chance to place meddlesome parvenus at the head of a nationwide kakistocracy.

CityKin said...

Paul, you got me to look up a few words in the dictionary. But if you were trying to communicate a point, you were unsuccessful.

Kevin LeMaster said...

^ He spammed my site and the Clark Street blog with this nonsense, too.