08 May 2009

The Bartlett Building

The Bartlett building was dedicated on New Year's Day 1901. At the time, it was the tallest building in Cincinnati (surpassed in 1904). It was designed by Daniel Burnham and you can find further information at a web site called Emporis.

The building is 19 stories high, the top is 252 feet.

The detail that was your clue figures prominently over the main entrance.

The entrance has a lot of very interesting detail including the rotating door.

The details include a pair of eagles and some intricate design.

I am always amazed at the detail you can find up near the top of buildings. Even 250 feet in the air they took care of the details.

Of course, it has been in the news lately as it has finally evicted its last tenants due to financial difficulties. I have not looked inside, but certainly hope someone finds a use for this building.

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