06 May 2009

Making Ohio More Liveable

Call your Congress-weasel today to endorse this long-overdue plan.


Andrew said...

i know it's all for fun, but there is a grain of truth to it all. but, wow, no wonder nobody wants to live in cincinnati if that's his take on it.

Quimbob said...

What I really don't understand is - why does he want Columbus ?

Mark Miller said...

Drew, if it weren't true, it wouldn't be funny. Polk's a comic, and very apolitical, so take his criticism with a huge grain of salt. He's bashed Cleveland at least as hard too, and that's his town.

Quim, I went to Colunbus once. Couldn't find a right turn in the whole town. Everybody's knees were jerking, their hearts were bleeding, and they taxed and spent all the jobs right out of the whole state.

And that was during the Taft administration.

Polk probably feels some sick brotherly bond with all the commie pinko politicians who feel it's their divine duty to see that our money gets spent only on things THEY want. Or perhaps he just has a thing for OSU cheerleaders.

Quimbob said...

The Indy 500 must drive you nuts !