11 May 2009

Food Inc

A new documentary: Food Inc will be shown this Thursday, 4:30 at UC. I would really like to see this:

Written by authors Michael Pollan (The Omnivore’s Dilemma) & Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation), the film illuminates & exposes the food production system relative to corporate monopolies, government support and health & environmental risks. It alternates charming & frank slaughterhouse imagery to address issues ranging from factory farming, genetically modified crops, increased diabetes, illegal immigrant worker exploitation, e-Coli outbreaks, corn subsidies to reduce meat & fast-food prices & relationship between food corporations & Fed regulators. Presented by the Center for Environmental Genetics.

Free. After the screening, a discussion will be led by a panel that will include UC faculty with expertise in toxicology, industrial hygiene, nutrition, obesity & advocates for local foods & fighting food-borne illness. The film was produced by the team who made An Inconvenient Truth and Charlie Wilson’s War. 94 minutes.

In Kresge Auditorium, Medical Science Building, University of Cincinnati Medical Campus, 231 Albert Sabin Way @ Eden Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45267. Contact info: koprasej at uc dot edu.

A trailer
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