05 May 2009

Lincoln Institute Film on PDX

Trailer for a new film about Portland. This intorduction deals mostly with the urban growth boundary:

More info on the film here.

The Lincoln Institute did a film on Cleveland last year which looks interesting. But a Youtube clip that has gotten hundreds of thousands of more views is this Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video. Please note that I do not endorse such nonsense.


Randy Simes said...

The tourism video is hilarious...but I think part 2 of the Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Videos is even funnier.


Mark Miller said...

The tourism video was hastily made by Clevelander Mike Polk. He and a bunch of his dorm-mates from Ohio University are a legendary sketch comedy troop. The publish under ManInTheBoxShow and Last Call Cleveland.

You've seen him before in the Obama Video and will be seeing him again here soon on Mother's Day.