08 May 2009

Name the Building

As I mentioned in my Time-Stars post, I believe that Cincinnati is blessed with a lot of interesting architecture that we tend to miss as we travel around the city. So as an intermittent feature, I thought it would be interesting to show a picture of an architectural detail and see if you can identify the building and/or location.

Today I thought I would start with what I think is an easy one:

I'll post the answer, and details about the building Fiday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

John Weld Peck Federal Building? Or maybe the Federal Courthouse across the street from the Federal Building?

Brad said...

Potter Stewart Courthouse?

Radarman said...

Bartlett Building, originally the Union Trust - Jacob Schmidlapp's bank - merged with 5/3.

Fabulous upstairs banking floor.

Possible future hotel.

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Isn't it the Times-Star Building?

Mark Miller said...

Definitely the Bartlett Building. I'll go out on a limb and say Fourth Street portal rather than the one on Walnut Street.

bsherm said...

@radarman, had not heard the hotel rumor. I hope they find some use for it.