20 May 2009

Bangs Sign

I am suprised how much I miss Bangs. I never went there much, but sometimes you just want a popsicle for the kids or something that you are not willing to walk 3 blocks for. Hopefully another corner store will reopen here in the future. 

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Anonymous said...

Good old Bangs. I remember going there when I was a kid. We lived in an apartment building at 16 W. 14th St. back then. Any idea what happened to the apartment building? It was five floors at the north east corner of Republic and 14th. It was a huge building. Seems like I remember a name over the door...Charles something? There was also a little store in the same building on the ground floor on the Republic street side run by a German lady named Betty.

On the south east side of Republic and 14th was another little store called Meadows Grocery. Gee, the memories are flooding back.

Thanks for the post.