06 March 2009

Getting Information on Twitter

Do you twitter? If so, there are a number of local resources that you can follow on twitter for information. A couple of avid Cincinnati Twitterers (I refuse to use the term twiterati) have started to compile a list of local resources on Twitter.

The list includes local restaurants (@TaketheCakeCafe tweets their daily specials), local arts organizations (@cincyartmuseum tweets their upcoming exhibitions and lectures), sports teams (most of the ones I see seem to be managed by a third-party) and local media.

The activity can be pretty wide ranging. @Cincienquirer tweets heavily as news comes in. They also provide links to the stories on their web site. @CincyCAC, on the other hand, hasn't tweeted since November. Some just tweet the facts, while others (like @wlwt) have been know to inject a little personality into their tweets.

A lot of these organizations listen, as well. I remember tweeting after the election about how difficult it was to find easy tables of election results on the Enquirer site. Not long after I received a message from @cincienquirer asking how they could help.

So if you are on Twitter check out this list for some potentially good follows. If you aren't on Twitter, perhaps this will give you a reason to check it out. If you know any accounts that should be added to the list send a direct message to @RadioCarla and she will update her list.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I can go there. Twitter is a step too far...

bsherm said...

I was badgered by a couple friends, and finally gave it a try. I have found it to be very useful, but it is what you make of it, and can potentially be a HUGE time sink.

5chw4r7z said...

Hey, is Mike tweeting yet?
Hook him up.

Anonymous: yes if you're still leaving Anonymous comments, them twitter is a mighty steep step.

CityKin said...

Bob, I will try it for one week and see if I like it. I am thinking of sticking with the "old" medium of the blog though.