24 March 2009

Exurb Growth Almost Halted

Figures Show Migration to Outer D.C. Suburbs Nearly Halting
Washington Post
..."I looked at these numbers and said, 'Wow!' " said William H. Frey, a demographer from the Brookings Institution who analyzed the figures. "This is a more drastic change in U.S. migration patterns than we've seen in a long time, and I don't think we've seen the end of it."

...outer counties whose comparatively inexpensive housing once attracted newcomers in droves appear to have lost much of their luster.

...the estimates -- which the Census Bureau produces annually based on sources such as census surveys, tax returns, and birth and death records -- closely track the housing market's meltdown in Washington's outer suburbs.


Radarman said...

I hope this isn't just wishful thinking.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that exurb luster will shine again for newcomers once access to credit and over-the-top housing prices in the DC rebound.

Beach said...

I live in DC now and can see the exurb problem. Housing prices within the beltway are definitely down, but the inner suburbs and DC itself have had a much lower price drop than farther out. The drop in exurbs it not beause it is suddenly affordable in the city. My guess is it because of the commute prices as much as housing prices.