28 March 2009

Two Footcandles a Waste

We have, overtime, overlighted everything in America.
Anything over two (footcandles) is a waste of money

-Howard Brandston, Lighting expert in the New Yorker, 3/23/09 page 26 (no link)

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kid-cincy said...


I never really paid much attention to all the light pollution until I got my telescope a few months back. By eye I can make out only three stars in the Little Dipper, and I haven't been able to pull in any galaxy yet, not even Andromeda. It seems that when I was a kid, the sky was full of stars. Now, I see individual ones, but I have a hard time making out most of the constellations.

And why all the neighbors need motion-sensor flood lights is beyond me. The only ones setting them off at night are me (in my back yard) and the stray cats walking around.