13 March 2009

Now Everyone Blogs

I recently came upon two people who you would never think would blog.

First a homeless guy in Nashville. I found him via our neighbor 12th and Republic.
Second, an Amish Farmer. I found him via our herdshare farmer.

I think we can now safely assert that blogging has reached every demographic.


Anonymous said...

well, the amish farmer himself doesn't blog -- we're members of his CSA, and offered to publish his newsletters and other relevant stuff in an effort to get him a little more publicity in the cincinnati area.

Rest assured that the amish farmer sends us his newsletters written in longhand on looseleaf paper. and the space-time continuum remains unwrinkled, at least in this little corner of the universe. --shannon

VisuaLingual said...

A friend of mine has a "mostly analog" blog -- that seems like something your Amish farmer should do. You could scan in his looseleaf pages and post them.

Anonymous said...

Hi, fyi, I've been blogging The Homeless Guy for 6 years...where've you been?