31 March 2009

I wish I Could Go

To Schwartz's Point.

.....this week we are going to kick Friday up a notch with a special performance by the Fiery Five. And -- we’ve started offering complimentary hand-crafted, gourmet pizzas on Friday evenings, so be sure to check it out.

Tuesday, Mar 31: Ed Moss and The ever-enthralling Society Jazz Orchestra w/Pam Ross on vocals ($10 cover). Includes buffet

Thursday, Apr 2: Ed Moss on piano, Dave LaRocca on bass, and award-winning vocalist Kathy Wade on vocals ($10 cover)

Friday, Apr 3: The Fiery Five with the incendiary Ed Moss on piano, Dave LaRocca on bass, Sandy Suskind on flute/alto sax, Todd Remy on drums, Pam Ross on vocals ($10 cover)

Saturday, Apr 4: Ed Moss on piano Sandy Suskind on Alto Sax and Flute and Pam Ross on vocals ($8 cover)

[where: 1901 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]
Look for GREEN lanterns on either side of door 651-2236
Music starts 8:30 p.m. (Tues / Thur) and 9:00 pm (Fri / Sat)


dave said...

Try this topping with one of the pizza - blueberry. Not too many, but it is killer!

As we like to say up north....Blueberry Pizza for Everybody!

CityKin said...

Dave, I guess you won't be making Opening Day this year? Still on duty?

dave said...

I still think you can make a wallop selling plain red t-shirts from the sidewalk, but unfortunately will not be able to test that theory this Opening Day. Duty First.

Go Reds!

Jim Uber said...

I went last night - was a lot of fun. I love that place. Pam Ross said that this friday will be a great performance, and she really likes singing with the quintet that will be playing.

By the way are you sure you can not go? I know they serve alcohol but the crowd is very mellow and in my opinion it would be a wonderful experience for kids. You know I hear that in Wisconsin most kids grow up in the corner bar :-)