09 March 2009

West End Loan

"West End" in OTR: 
Kinda like the "Vine Street Flower Company" that was on two locations on Court Street. Which BTW I just found out that Dan Kerns, the longtime owner of Vine Street Flower Company retired and closed his shop. Rumors are that Lisa at City Roots will start carrying some cut flowers to fill-in.


Anonymous said...

As a few of the girls and I tromped by with our grocery cart and bubbles on Saturday, we all realized... we've never seen it open. Ever. But the stock in the window changes... which is weird.

CityKin said...

It is run by one very old man, and I suspect he is ill. I've bought stuff there, but it has been a while.

VisuaLingual said...

Kind of like New York Cleaners on Main St.

Julie said...

Visualingual, I'm now trying to remember if the sign for NY Cleaners is still up. I'm pretty sure it's been turned into a Cricket store, but my poor memory is failing me. Of course, I live less than a block away from it and drive by daily. Oy.

Kevin LeMaster said...

"we've never seen it open. Ever. But the stock in the window changes... which is weird."

My office is across the street. Trust me...it's open often.

Anonymous said...

Or East New York City, New Jersey? In the late '50s, my father punched out the mayor of that little burg.

BTW, West End Loan also features one of the most lethal-looking bladed weapon collections in the city. Most of them seem longer than the ORC's stipulated maximum.

But what about weapons fetishists? Who validates their needs?
West End Loan, that's who!