03 March 2009

More Greens Hugging Nukes

Because it is one key way to get off carbon.


Anonymous said...

Lots of green in Chernobyl, Ukraine too; hope they think the idea through completely.

hellogerard said...

Agree with post. Nuclear is clean (from a carbon standpoint), efficient, and completely renewable.

The safety argument is overblown. Chernobyl was the worst and only nuclear power disaster in history. What people often forget about Three Mile Island is that the safeties worked, and there was no contamination. Europe has been running nuclear plants for the past few decades without issue. On the other hand, it seems like every year, there's a dozen coal miners that lose their lives in a mine.

The only problem is the nuclear waste - which can be safely stored - and the very big upfront construction costs. But that's what the government is for, right?