08 January 2009

Charley Harper for Kids

When I think of my favorite things Cincinnati, Charley Harper is pretty far up the list. When I was a kid, I recall the Cincinnati Nature Center using a lot of his images as membership decals and such. The federal building has a great mosaic, as well as Miami University.

Now Ammo books has started to release a number of titles for kids, including the ABC book you see here. This quickly made my "must buy" list, and the boy loves it. It's not perfect. It is very thick (by far the thickest board book we own) and there are a couple annoying errors. First there is "I is for Iguana" which clearly has a picture of a Komodo Dragon, and then "P is for Penguin" which has a picture of a Murre, not a penguin. But I still love it. There is also a skinny version that has different pictures (and does not make those two errors). In addition, there is a Charley Harper 123s and Charley Harper Flash Cards and Floor Puzzles.

For simplicity I have linked to the products on Amazon, and have also set up a quick store with all the Charley Harper for Kids I could find on Amazon. However, I encourage you to check them out in person. I know Joseph-Beth has a number of the titles in their excellent kids section, and feel free to add any other local sources in the comments.


VisuaLingual said...

There is also a coloring book and, for older kids and adults, a jigsaw puzzle. Locally, some of the products are available at Fabulous Frames & Art and at the CAC gift shop.

BTW, I'm amused and impressed that you caught the errors in the original ABC book. You're not the only one!

bsherm said...

If only I was so good at proofing my own work... I remember turning to I is for Iguana and going "wait a second, an Iguana can't take down a pig".