17 September 2008

Who Am I?

There is a lot of stuff named after this guy. Anyone know who he was and how he made his fortune?

Otto Armleder was a 19th century and early-20th century businessman and philanthropist who was raised in Over-the-Rhine by parents who were German immigrants. Born in the Queen City in 1862, he founded the Otto Armleder Carriage Company which later became the Armleder Motor Truck Company at 12th and Plum streets.

Armleder died in 1935 and in his will he stipulated that his wealth benefit Catholic and non-secterain institutions in Hamilton County with particular attention to children in Over-the-Rhine where he grew up.


Dan said...

It looks a little like Hoover but I am drawing a blank. Assume it is a Cincinnati guy.

CityKin said...

Lots of stuff built recently in Cincinnati is named after him. His father immigrated from Germany to Cincinnati.

Anonymous said...

So, what has been built in his name recently?

CityKin said...

A 323 Acre hamilton County Park, just north of Beechmont levy, a spray ground in Over-the-Rhine, an aquatic center at Hirsch Recreation Center, an aquatic center at Dunham and the Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (at 9th and Elm).

Quimbob said...

the OTR playground is at Dunlap and McMicken.
Not far from the OTR Electric Car company in the Brewery District.
It's been there for years but the playground equipment is kinda recent.

Kevin LeMaster said...

Otto Armleder!