05 September 2008

Clinton Hills Swim Club

Trying to extend the summer as long as possible, we got ourselves invited to a nice pool in North Avondale, Clinton Hills Swim Club. CRC pools have been closed for 3-4 weeks now, but the temperatures have still been in the 90's so it was a nice to find a place to cool off last weekend.

Sunset of Summer:

baby pool:



I like the laid-back vibe at this pool a lot. It is 4 miles from OTR, about a 10-12 minute drive up Vine Street, almost to St. Bernard.

Two other swim clubs: Clifton Meadows and Phillips Pool. We also try to get to Sunlite pool once a year. Hey, what is summer without swimming?


Anonymous said...

We have been members since moving here in '03, and the "laid back vibe" is one of the best aspects. It is very no frills/no pretensions (although there is wi-fi these days), but the thursday night "keggers" (decent beer--not swill) and once-a-month special parties are always fun. The swim team is also great for the kids in the early summer months. When we moved here from out of state, our previous neighborhood swimming pool was like a waterpark, with all the accompanying bells and (wet)whistles. This place has none of that, and our kids have grown to like it far better.

historical tidbit: CHSC is the city's first integrated swim club.

CityKin said...

"CHSC is the city's first integrated swim club."

I did notice that many cars in the parking lot had politically left bumper stickers. And I agree the pool has the thing we want in a pool such as a diving board, swim team, lounge chairs, shade, grills and picnic areas. We don't need the splash park stuff.

Anonymous said...

Clinton Hills is the best. It wouldn't be summer without it.