21 September 2008

Poor Beating the Poorer

Saw 7 kids taunting and throwing things at homeless men in the park last night. I heard a crash which turned out to be one man's shopping cart full of aluminum cans, that they tipped over. They were running through the park looking for people sleeping to kick or tease. so cruel.

It gave me a flashback to an afterschool TV show that aired in the 70's about a boy in the ghetto who adopts a stray cat. There was a terrible scene in the show where some older boys tease the cat and throw it by its tail.

UPDATE: I found the TV show I was remembering "J.T." It is apparent from the comments that many other people vividly remember this one-hour episode. Paperback book of the story here.

UPDATE: I changed the header because my initial title of this post was dumb and bothered me. Does anyone else remember seeing that show JT?


Matt said...

did you call CPD?

CityKin said...

yes, but I actually got a busy signal the first time and no response later. I think it was a busy night for district 1 with Octoberfest and all.

WestEnder said...

A few years ago I saw a kid stomp a pigeon to death just outside the main library. He got a real kick out of it.

CityKin said...

There's some sick people out there.