25 September 2008

1513 Vine Still Falling Down

I've always kinda liked this old building with the pointed dormers and center chimney. It is a background building, basic and unassuming.
The owner, who lives in a modest home in Sycamore Township paid $24k for it in 1994 but hasn't made one improvement (except maybe that half-assed attempt at painting it white 15 years ago). I am wondering why he continues to hold onto it and pay property taxes. He applied for a VBML in 1999 and 2004, but it obviously doesn't meet the standards since the rear is partially collapsed and it is doubtful that he has paid the ever increasing License Fee. I'm sure buyers have approached him. Maybe there is some legal problem, or maybe he is just stubborn. Either way, it has been a blight on the neighborhood for too long.
[where 1513 and 1515 Vine Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202]

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