07 September 2008

Where in Cincy is this Painting?

come on, name this west-side establishment:

Drew of Drew-O-Rama answered named my quiz photo quite fast:

We had a good time with the kids at Cancun and then bowling:

Flashing Flag Pins:

Hoinke Classic Winners:

Erwin Hoinke Pin Presented at Hotel Gibson, March 17, 1945:

UPDATE: here are some scanned images, Western Bowl and Hoinke Classic:


Andrew said...


i love the native american/space theme!

Unknown said...

The Mustang Room:>) Lovig the photos. Where we went after our high school proms, AND where I spent my 21st birthday. Please dial down the jealosy factor a bit lower. Thanks for reminders. AnnieH

Unknown said...

Sorry for the misspellings...long work weekend.

Lewis said...

For a while there was a rumor that Western Bowl was going to be sold and the whole place torn down.

Thankfully that appears not to be the case. It is a landmark of the West Side, and I believe it is the largest bowling alley in the city of Cincinnati.