25 September 2008

Protest Planned Against Bailout

I am not part of this event, but I think I am against the bailout, so among the dozens of events this weekend, maybe join a protest:


The United States faces a financial crisis and President Bush and Treasury Secretary Paulson are trying to stampede us into giving them a blank check to bail out the banks. Our future, our children’s future, and America’s future is being threatened. Congress is deciding next week. We must act now.

Join us to stop Bush’s financial fast track to disaster.
Join us to put America on the right track.
Protest, Demonstrate, Speak Out!

Saturday, September 27, 2008, 12 Noon, Fountain Square

We don’t need a fast track. We need an immediate plan that saves Americans’ homes, and jobs. We need a long term plan that creates a financial system that will provide health care, education, a new national infrastructure, and sustainable development that enhances the environment. We demand:

  • No fast track financial fix.

  • No blank check to the banks.

  • Congressional representatives must hold town hall meetings to hear constituents’ views.

  • Any deal must have Congressional oversight and the creation of a representative citizen council to oversee the financial arrangement.

  • The American government and people must have ownership (preferred stock) and control over institutions they bail out.

  • Protect American homeowners from foreclosure.

  • Any deal must include a broader program of national investment and reconstruction to rebuild America and create jobs.

  • No seven figure salaries, no bonuses, and no golden parachutes for those involved in the financial plan.

  • Prosecute financial swindlers and bar them from future dealings.

  • -Cincinnati Progressive Action (CPA)contact: DanLaBotz at gmail dot com

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    If you can stand in the place of those of us who can not attend it would be greatly appreciated.