12 September 2008

Prefabricated Sheds as Homes

I read an article a few months ago in which one person claimed that living car-free was a luxury situation, most people could never attain. Some people would make the same claim that living in a super small house is, in a perverse way, a luxury that most of us could never acheive. I think it kind of turns the word luxury on it's head, but I understand the sentiment, since with small kids, we could never live in a tiny house or withour a car (at least not in Cincinnati).

Kinda silly article in the NY Times about super small houses:


Mark Miller said...

Interesting intellectual excercise, but it's a hard sell here in the spacious USofA.

You should look at a thoroughly modern place where 30 million people live like this every day of their lives:
Tokyo Apt Video Tour
Tokyo Large Apt Video Tour
Tokyo Apt Living

One thing I know you'll be interested in...rent is mostly a function of how close you are to the train station. It's even more important than living space or amenities.

For an even bigger culture shock, try a Capsule Hotel.

Japan's the ultimate in high density urban living.

CityKin said...

Mark, Have you seen this photographer, Michael Wolf's photos of density in Hong Kong?

ThatDeborahGirl said...

I don't see how it's any different really than living in an ultra small studio apartment. I've seen them just as small and even with a single bed as a loft bed.

don't think I could do it though.