29 October 2009

Zombie Subdivisions

Click CNN to see a news video about why these new streets have no houses on them:

View fayetteville in a larger map

Then look at this graph comparing sales of existing and new homes:

I'd like to see the graph above with a line added showing old house demolitions/abandonments, because in the recent past, we were building more than we needed... or at least more than we could afford.


Paul Wilham said...

Not that unusual. There are some subdivisions out west where they got as far as a model and some spec homes and now they are bulldozing the whole thing.

Flint Michigan's "grand scheme' to demo entire neighborhood to create 'green zones' and "reduce' the size of their city is about the most dangerous thing to ever happen to an American city.

Of course if you go on google earth and look at parts of Fairmount, Price Hill or Avondale there are streets with 1 home on them because the city is slowly but surely bulldozing our history away.

Yet we just keep on with that suburban sprawl!

Unknown said...

I disagree. No one is moving back to these neighborhoods in Flint for decades (if ever). By bulldozing them, they are allowing for the other neighborhoods to remain dense and populated, while not having to pay to run utilities to sparsely populated neighborhoods. If/when people ever move back to Flint, you have land near the city to re-build with more energy efficient homes. There's no guarantee this will lead to more sprawl.