01 October 2009

Family Enrichment Center - October Classes

October Workshops and Classes held at Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center, 4244 Hamilton Ave., Cinti. OH 45223. Classes held at the Center unless otherwise noted. go to website to register online or get phone number to call.

Kids Need Massaged, Too! pediatric massage
This one-hour seminar, conducted by a licensed massage therapist specializing in pediatrics is October 3rd @ 11:15 - Free!

Calling All Tooth Fairies!, A Dental Health Discussion
...Topics will include teething and suggested comfort remedies, the eruption of baby and permanent teeth, keeping gums and teeth healthy and clean, the diet's impact, the fluoride controversy, benefits of sealants, and dental emergencies. ...This Oct. 17th, 11:15 Free!

More Signing, Less Whining! – Teach Your Child to Sign!
“Talk” to your hearing baby or toddler with American Sign Language -as early as 6 months of age! Benefits include preverbal communication, earlier speech development, enhanced intellectual development, and less frustration (less crying, fewer tantrums!). SmallTalk, a 2- hour parent workshop is taught by a Child Sign Language Specialist.
The Oct. 13th, 6:45pm workshop, is held at Bethesda North Hospital, located at 10500 Montgomery Rd., Cinti., OH, 45242
To register, call TriHealth at 475-4500. Registration is $45/couple.
A pictorial dictionary of over 100 signs and Signing Safari’s “Teach Your Child to Sign” DVD (a $20 value) are included.

...Join us monthly for as long as you need the companionship of other new parents struggling with the same issues as you. We understand; we’ve been there.
Group meets Thursdays (Oct. 1st-28th) @ 10:30 & Sat., Oct. 17th @ 11:30, Free!

Happiest Baby on the Block!
Learn how to turn on your newborn’s Calming Reflex – the extraordinary “off-switch” for crying all babies are born with! ...you will be taught step-by-step how to help your newborn sleep better & how to soothe even the fussiest baby in minutes!
The Oct. 19th, 6:45pm workshop, is held at Bethesda North Hospital, Class fee is $50.00, which includes a Parent Kit containing the HBOB dvd.
To register, please call TriHealth at 475-4500. Class is from 6:45-8:45pm.

…returns birthing to the beautiful, peaceful, empowering experience nature intended. This unique childbirth series explodes the myth that suffering must accompany labor! Classes are held weekly at Bethesda North Hospital.
To register call the TriHealth Hospitals at 475-4500. 10-week series, $200.
Classes are held weekly from 6:45-9:15pm & begin Oct. 20th.

A Walk in the Park
...This weekly event is an opportunity to take part in a relaxing day at the park, as well as take advantage of the walking track around the lake. Bring your stroller or sling, invite a friend, and bring a picnic lunch.
Group meets Mondays (Oct. 5th-26th) @ 10:30 Free!

Circle of Life - Belly Dancing
... fun alternative exercise option teaches how to connect to the feminine aspects of strength, power and confidence along with connecting to a child that grows inside you. Join us as we prepare our bodies for the journey of childbirth and revel in our motherhood! Women at all stages of life welcomed
Saturdays (Sept. 26-Oct. 28) 11:30-12:15pm $50/5-classes or $13/class.

Tree of Life prenatal yoga
... increase your flexibility, strength, circulation, balance, and inner peace, allowing you to adapt more gracefully to the many physical and emotional changes of pregnancy.
Saturdays (Sept. 26-Oct. 28)11:30-12:15pm $50/5-classes or $13/class


Whale of a Tale interactive story time
Instill the love of reading within your child from infancy upward by participating in our multi-sensory story time.
October Story Time Themes:
10/1 & 3: Leaves are Falling!
10/6, 8 & 10: Apples, Apples - Munch, Munch, Munch!
10/13, 15 & 17: A Visit from the Tooth Fairy
10/20, 22 & 24: In the Light of the Moon
10/27, 29 & 31: A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch
Ages: Birth to 5 years @ 10:30am, Free!

Jammin' in our Jammies! musical play for families
... Each unique “jam-session” winds down with a lullaby and reading a bed-time story. If you bring your kids in their jammies, you can just pop them into bed after class
Thursdays, Oct. 1st-29th 6:00pm, families with children 1-3 years
$100/10-class package or $13/class.

Wiggle Worms Creative Movement for toddlers
Dance and stomp, clap and tap - Creative Movement’s where it’s at! Join us as we explore movement utilizing yoga, dance, games, songs and diverse musical styles. Motor and muscle development, balance, coordination, rhythm, and body awareness all are incorporated in a fun and nurturing environment. The use of silly props and the acting-out-of-stories will spark your child’s imagination, encourage self-expression, and enhance their self-esteem. Come prepared to “shake those sillies out”!
*Classes meet Fridays or Saturdays @ 9:30 & 11:30,beginning Oct. 31st & are held at the Cincinnati Family Enrichment Center, located at 4244 Hamilton Ave., Cinti. OH 45223.
*Cost: $70/7-class package or $13/class.
*Classes available from 2-5 years
*To register, visit www.theplaceforfamilies.com or call 513-591-2332.

Family Fiesta Spanish for the whole family
Tuesdays, Oct. 6-27 9:30 & 10:30 $100 for a 10-classes or $13/class, Ages: 19 mos-12yrs

Fall Photos!
Fall Photo session opportunity with lifestyle photographer Kate Mitchell Hisey. Our cozy Victorian and natural outdoor setting will allow your child to relax and be themselves for a fun documentary style photo shoot. You will receive 5-10 high-resolution (print ready) image files on CD and images will be posted on an online gallery for family and friends to view. You can view Kate’s photography here.
Saturday, October 24th $60
To schedule session contact Kate at kate@hmfoto.net


TummyTime! - Essential for newborn health!
.. learn simple play activities to promote motor development, as well as practice infant massage and reflexology techniques which promote brain development, lessen colic symptoms, enhance sleep patterns, and promote infant bonding and attachment.
$70/7 class package or $13/class, Ages Birth to 6 months

Tiny Tunes musical play
This joyful class of musical play incorporates songs from all over the world emphasizing many different cultures. The use of simple musical instruments and free expression dance encourages tempo and rhythm awareness.
Weekly at 9:30, 10:30 & 11:30
Ages: 0-5yrs on Mondays, beginning Oct. 26 or Wednesdays, beginning Oct. 28
$70/7-class package or $13/class.

Head & Shoulder, Knees & Toes Brain Play
Creative play and sensory activities abound in this one-of-kind class for pre-crawlers.
Thursdays, beginning Oct. 29th at 10:30 $70/7-classes or $13/class

Movers & Shakers crawler-toddler developmental play
In this fun-filled class we’ll focus on all the muscles necessary to creep, crawl, pull to stand, and walk.
Tuesdays, beginning October 27 @ 9:30, $70/7-classes or $13/class, Ages 6-18 months

The Next Step
Now that your toddler is beginning to walk and talk, everyday is new and exciting, filling their minds with wonder and curiosity! Join us as we take “the next step” in your toddler’s developmental journey as we look and listen to the world around us through song, dance, games and storytelling.
Tuesdays, beginning October 27 @ 10:30 $70/7-classes or $13/class, Age 12-35 months

TOT (Time Out Together) parent-Infant/toddler enrichment
Each class will include themed “learning times” during which we’ll engage in hands-on learning activies and practical life skills, focus on cognitive and motor skill development, and promote language and social skills. During our healthy snack time our facilitator will discuss topics like nutrition, discipline, sleeping issues, & preschool preparation.
Wednesdays, beginning October 28 9:30 Ages: 18-35 months $119/7-classes or $20/class.

Signing Safari
Children can “talk” with their hands as early as 9 months.
Ages 6 months to 5 years, on Mondays, beginning Oct. 26
$85/7-class package or $13/class and includes a Signing Safari DVD.

Imagination Station , artistic play
Encourage your child to release their inner creativity during our weekly story-themed art classes. We’ll explore with a wide variety of mediums, such as paint, clay, sand, products from nature, and everyday recyclable items. Giving your child the freedom to express themselves artistically enhances their cognitive skills, problem-solving abilities, manual dexterity, and sensory awareness. Watch their self-esteem blossom as your child is encouraged to let their imagination run wild! (and no clean-up time for you!)
Fridays @ 9:30 & 10:30am, 19 months-5 years,beginning Oct. 30, $100/10-class package or $13/class.

Culture Club it’s a small world!
...Each week your little one will be exposed, in a simple, age-appropriate manner, to a different world culture through music, singing, and dancing, as well as simple words in that day’s language. We’ll play with games and toys that children from other countries enjoy, have story time and wrap up our global travel with a craft..
Sat 10:30 & 11:30, beginning Oct. 31st, $70/7-classes, $13/class, ages 19 months-5yrs

Yoga Adventures! story telling yoga
...As we explore India, China, Germany, Egypt, and Native American cultures, to name a few, your child will develop focus, concentration, self-discipline, inner awareness and relaxation skills, as well as gaining self-confidence and self-worth.
Fri or Sat 11:30, beginning Oct. 30th & 31st, $70/7-classes or $13/class, 3-5 years old.

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