28 October 2009

Springfield Township

Hamilton Avenue: Unincorporated Area.

I remember this area of town pretty well from when I was little. We had a great aunt that lived right around here, and there are some side streets here named after presidents: Roosevelt, Lincoln etc.. that have modest houses on tiny lots:

This was Franks Nursery and Crafts, Now "OverFlow" Church:

Franks sign still up:

Across the street a closed, quanset hut drive-tru. I rember going here with my dad a long time ago:


kid-cincy said...

I used to live out that way when I was a kid. I think at the time we called it "Seven Hills" although I don't hear that used much anymore. I remember the Natorps that used to be across the street from Franks, and there used to be a LaRosa's out there too (maybe still there?). And there were baseball fields just south of there on Hamilton, maybe Shottlekotte fields -- I can't remember the name. It's been a long time...

Ronny Salerno said...

This is out where Surf Cincinnati used to be, now demolished to become a giant church.


CityKin said...

kid-cincy, all true, but I don't think there is or ever was a LaRosa's near here. Maybe I'm wrong.