11 October 2009

Cool Sunday

We dribbled a soccer ball on the walk to church this morming. Afterwards the kids played some tetherball and climbed some trees at Washington Park with neighbors.

But then we had nothing to do for the afternoon and ended up walking around town, stopping at the library and park, and then to Fountain Square where a friendly crowd of Bengal fans welcomed us.

There was Hudy, Skyline and lots of high-fives. Kids played a miny version of touch football at the back of the square for over an hour while the parents watched a great game.

Then later up to Clifton for a pick-up soccer game. Now I'm sitting on the sidelines while they wrap up the soccer. What an idilyc sunny cool evening at what is probably my favorite city park, Mt Storm.

Soon, home for Sunday baths because tomorrow is picture day at school.

My kids are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful city.

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Unknown said...

Great post, Mike! Elsie and I had a similar day Saturday, full of what I call cityserendipity. Sorry we missed you guys, though. Had to bail from the playground early Sunday because she fell off the playscape and "broke her belly" (her own tearful diagnosis -- she was fine).