15 October 2009

A Trip to CPS Bake Shop

OK, I had a comment on an earlier thread that I had to research. Turns out CPS sells baked goods out of it's central cafeteria (the Bake Shop) every school day 11-1.

Write-up in Cincinnati Magazine, Sept 2001:

CPS website on their food.\

The location is a 1928 era school building that was built to train kids how to repair automobiles. The neighborhood is technically Mt. Auburn, but is east of Reading Road and West of I-71. After going to get the baked goods, I explored some interesting side-streets that I had never walked before.

Iowa Street Building

Automotive Trades School

[where: 2315 Iowa Street, Cincinnati, OH 45206]

Inside the Bake Shop

Tornado Shelter Sign

The women in the shop were very friendly. I got a pie for $9 and also a few free samples of cookies and cakes:

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