06 December 2008

Washington Park Gazebo

As part of the proposed park re-design, this gazebo has been proposed to be lowered to near grade level. It is sometimes a gathering place for people who drink and or cause trouble. Rarely is it used as a bandstand, which I suppose was the original intention. A new stage area is proposed in the north end of the expanded park.

I think this should remain as is.

General view:

From the inside looking out:











Anonymous said...

Wonder if the boombox street preacher will migrate to the new stage if the gazebo remains?

VisuaLingual said...

Great photos, and I completely agree with you about the gazebo.

Anonymous said...

I doubt lowering the structure, will have a significant effect on how it is used; and would ruin it's esthetic value.

Cincinnati NAMjA said...

Good call!

Quimbob said...

I agree.
Nice pics.

Anonymous said...

Why spend the money to do something so arbitrary?

Anonymous said...

Do you think the lowering has anything to do with wheelchair and handicap accessibility. Just a thought.....

Anonymous said...

Great way to take the photos.
Pleeeeeeease "powers that be" leave the Gazebo alone!!!
It's a central focal point of the park. It's got character like all the buildings surrounding the park. It fits in with the surroundings. If "they" want something short and squatty just put up some umbrellas. Isn't it Historic anyway? When something is raised it gives it more importance or dignity, you can see it better, you can see what is going on in it better. How about putting the two busts nearby on the ground?
Please think sensibly and leave it alone.

VisuaLingual said...

Archer01, during the presentation of the redesign of the park, two reasons were given for the possibility of lowering the gazebo -- handicap accessibility and making it a less desirable "lookout" for drug dealers.

OTRFAN said...

leave it as is... it's a great place to play a band concert!

Randy Simes said...

Wonderful photos. Washington Park is beautiful and will be even more so once that cleared area on the north end of the park is cleaned up with the renovation.

Anonymous said...

I wondered if the reasoning had something to do with handicap accessibility as well. If so, could a lift be installed at a lower cost than rebuilding the whole structure? Is the one in Burnet Woods accessible?
If it is considered Historic could it get by as is?
By the time the park and neighborhood get put back together I doubt there will be drug dealers using it. Anyway if it is left as is they will be easier to spot.
Does anyone miss the iron fence that used to be around the perimeter?
Keep the gazebo as it is.

CityKin said...

The iron fence will not be re-built, however the stone base will mostly remain. I personally would love to see the border strengthened with the addition of at least some iron work on top of the stone base.

Anonymous said...

The addition of a wraparound ramp would solve the accessibility issue, but I don't think it would help the aesthetics.